Penryn Town Council meets the definition of a local authority covered by the requirements of the Transparency Code, as it is ‘a parish council which has gross annual income or expenditure (whichever is higher) exceeding £200,000’.

What we do

Contracts & Purchases over £5,000

Details of all expenditure over £5,000 including contracts and tenders are listed here.



Expenditure exceeding £500

Details of all expenditure over £500 are listed monthly within the minutes of full council meetings.

Government procurement card transactions

Details of all procurement card transactions are listed monthly within the minutes of full council meetings.

Procurement information

The Council publishes details of every invitation to tender for contracts to provide goods and/or services with a value that exceeds £5,000. Contracts expected to be in excess of £25,000 are published via contracts finder.

Local Authority Land

Penryn Town Council owns the following properties:

  • Town Hall, a Grade 2 listed building, which houses Penryn Museum
    Higher Market Street, Penryn, TR10 8LT
  • Temperance Hall
    Lower Market Street, Penryn, TR10 8BQ
  • Penryn Library (Council Offices)
    St Thomas Street, Penryn, TR10 8JN
  • Glebe Cemetery
    Love Lane, Gorran Gorras, Penryn, TR10 9LQ
  • Quay Hill Shelter (Old Gent’s Hut)
    Quay Hill, Penryn, TR10 8JE
  • Memorial Garden
    Quay Hill, Penryn, TR10 8JE
  • Shute Meadow Car Park
    Shute Meadow, Penryn, TR10 8

Penryn Town Council leases or has management agreements for:

  • Permarin Public Conveniences
    Grays Yard, Lower Market Street, Penryn TR10 8GJ

Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations

All grants issued can be found within the minutes of full council meetings.

Organisation chart

Our organisation chart detailing all staff can be downloaded as a PDF.

Trade union facility time

The council currently have no staff who are union representatives.

Parking account and spaces

The Council owns a car park at Shute Meadow this car park offers 20 spaces which are free to use for residents of Penryn. No income is derived from the car park.

Senior Salaries

Penryn Town Council has no employees whose remuneration is in excess of £50,000. Penryn Town Council does not pay bonuses or benefits in kind to employees.


Penryn Town Council’s constitution is made up of the Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Code of Conduct. You can read these in our A–Z of policies and plans or visit Penryn Library to view hard copies.


Penryn Town Council has no staff members undertaking fraud investigation work and therefore has no information to publish.