Each year the Council appoints a councillor to lead as the Town Mayor and Chairman of the Council. The ‘first citizen’, as they are sometimes known, carries out ceremonial duties and chairs meetings of the full Council. The Mayor also presents the Saracen Award (the highest honour the town can bestow on a resident) and attends community events.


Portrait photo of Councillor Julie Tucker

Mayor of Penryn

2021 to 2022

Councillor Julie Tucker


Portrait photo of Councillor Mary May

Deputy Mayor of Penryn

2021 to 2022

Councillor Mary May

Mayor’s engagements

The Mayor’s engagements vary from month to month. Our full council meeting agendas include a record of all engagements from the previous month.

Request the Mayor’s attendance

If you’d like to invite the Mayor to attend an event please complete the attendance request form. If the Mayor is unable to attend it may be possible for the Deputy Mayor to attend in their place.

Mayor’s charity

The Mayor has chosen Penryn Football Club to benefit from fundraising activities throughout the year. Although not a charity, Penryn RFC is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and receives similar benefits from HMRC.

Mayor’s appointments

  • Sargeants–at–Mace – Norman Hunter and Duane Glasby
    Carry the Mace before the Mayor (when robed) in civic ceremonial processions.
  • Mayor’s Warden – Annie Jones
    Looks after the civic party at church events.
  • Penryn Town Crier – Jim Henderson
    Attends civic events and makes public announcements on behalf of the Council.

Mayors of Penryn

View the full list of Town Mayor’s dating back to 1652 (PDF)