The budget is our annual estimate for all receipts (income) and payments (expenditure). It influences the precept we need to request through Council Taxes.

For 2019 to 2020, a taxpayer in Band D will see about a 10 pence per week decrease on their Council Tax bill.


This year’s budget shows a decrease in the amount of precept requested from the taxpayer of Penryn. Having completed a number of projects the council are in a position to make significant savings.

Significant savings have been made with the Neighbourhood Plan, where unspent grant funding from the 2018 to 2019 financial year will be used to complete the project in 2019 to 2020.

Projects for 2019 to 2020 include the repair to the Town Hall roof, a heat reduction project in the library and work in Glasney Field.

The budget also includes the running of Penryn Museum and subsidising the community halls (Temperance Hall and Town Hall) ensuring a very reasonable rate can be charged to residents and community groups.

The Town Council also maintains footpaths and verges, Doorstep Green in Glasney Valley, benches, floral displays and the Glebe Cemetery.


Where the budget comes from

Type Amount £ % of Total
Council tax £262,602 89.72%
Footpaths, grants and other income £15,290 5.22%
Halls and museums £10,300 3.52%
Library £1,400 0.48%
Events £1,600 0.55%
Cemetery fees £1,300 0.39%
>Interest £350 0.12%
Total income £292,672 100%


How the budget will be spent

Type Amount £ % of Total
Administration £28,765 7.38%
Staff costs £167,279 42.94%
Library £29,260 7.51%
Civic £5,250 1.35%
Projects and events £45,224 11.61%
Halls and museums £28,349 7.28%
Insurance £5,000 1.28%
Public toilets £7,590 1.95%
Cemetery £7,521 1.93%
Memorial garden £1,650 0.42%
Health and safety £500 0.13%
Elections £5,500 1.41%
CCTV £8,000 2.05%
Car parks £14,000 3.59%
Amenities £19,893 5.11%
Community grants £11,100 1.83%
Capital expenditure £8,650 2.22%
Total expenditure £389,551 100%

Annual accounts

1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020

Local Councils in England with an annual turnover of £6.5m or less must complete an annual return summarising their activities at the end of each financial year. It is made up of four sections:

  • Sections 1 and 2 are completed by the person nominated by the local council
  • Section 3 is completed by our external auditor
  • Section 4 is completed by the local council’s internal audit provider


The following documents will be available to download once complete.

If you are looking for monthly accounts, they can be viewed in council meeting agendas.

Accessible documents

We’re working on making our published documents more accessible. You may also request a published document in an alternative format.