Penryn Nature Trail

This walk is a hidden treasure in Penryn. It takes you along streams and woodland and there are open views across the town and river. You can’t fail to be impressed by the towering viaduct. It gets muddy in places so you may need wellies. It’s mostly on the flat and has a small hill. However, you can adapt the walk to suit your liking and return on a loop via Glasney Park once you reach the viaduct. The first half of the route is buggy friendly.

Download the Penryn Nature Trail Map (PDF)

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Penryn Nature Trail 01

Enys Gardens

Enys is situated a few miles to the East of Penryn in Cornwall. Its beautiful gardens and woodlands are a haven of tranquility. Its ancient buildings have been largely abandoned since the mid-20th century, but are gradually awakening from their long slumber. Enys also host a Bluebell Festival at the start of May where you can enjoy their spectacular annual display of English bluebells in Parc Lye.

More about Enys Gardens on their website.

Argal and College Reservoir (Nature Reserve)

Located on the outskirts of Penryn in Cornwall, Argal and College reservoirs are a beautiful setting for a family day out. Follow the 2km circular lake trail for a picturesque round lake walk; the path passes through woodlands, wetlands and meadows, providing stunning views of the lake, Mabe church and the wider landscape.

More about Argal and College Reservoir on South West Lakes Trust.

College Reservoir

Trelawney Park


  • Large Play equipment area
  • Basketball hoop
  • Benches
  • bins
  • Recently refurbished
Trelawney Park 01
Trelawney Park 05
Trelawney Park 04
Trelawney Park 03
Trelawney Park 06

Glasney College


  • Benches
  • Information board
  • Historic Interest
  • Bin
Glasney College 01
Glasney College 02
Glasney College 03
Glasney College 05
Glasney College 06

Glasney Playing Field and Valley


  • Football net
  • Play equipment
  • Grass BMX track
  • Riverside footpath
  • bins
Glasney Valley 01
Glasney Valley 03
Glasney Valley 02

Memorial Garden


  • Flagpole & Memorial Stone
  • Information board
  • Benches
  • River views
Memorial Garden 02
Memorial Garden 01

Permarin Playground


  • Play equipment
  • Benches
  • Recently refurbished with added path
  • bin