Date: 21.07.2022
Author: Penryn Town Council


Addition of Footpath at Kernick

On the 14 July 2022, Cornwall Council confirmed the order for the addition of a footpath at Kernick Road in the Parish of Penryn.

Definitive Map Modification Order – WCA 526

Adding a length of Public Footpath in the Parish of Penryn commencing at Footpath Number 1 Penryn and Classified Road C0007, approximately 106 metres north‐northwest of “Penryn Athletic Football Club” at Ordnance Survey Grid Reference (OSGR) SW7739/3405 shown as point “A” on the attached Order map, then running in a generally south‐south‐easterly, then south‐south‐westerly direction for a distance of 206 metres terminating at its junction with Footpath 1 Penryn, approximately 114 metres south-south‐west of “Penryn Athletic Football Club”, at OSGR SW 7740/3385 shown as point “B” on the attached Order map.

Map of the additional footpath

Validity of Order

The order comes into force on the day that it is confirmed but if any person aggrieved by the order wants to question its validity on the ground that that it is not within the powers of Section 53 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, or on the ground that any requirement of Schedule 15 of the Act has not been complied with in relation to the Order, he or she may under paragraph 12 (1) of Schedule 15 to the Act within six weeks from 21st July 2022, make application to the High Court.

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